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Grade Re-Monitoring

1-The faculty's petitions committee is headed by Vice-Dean, Control head and Professor selected by the Faculty Council.
2. Acceptance of petitions begins after the result is officially announced for two weeks and the result of the petitions is announced one week after the end of the petition.
3- The student pays 100 pounds for each course wishing to re-monitor its grades, of which 50 pounds are allocated to the stamp of occupations and fifty pounds for the faculty, with the student to recover the 50 pounds for the faculty in case of an error.
4-taking a Photocopy of the answer booklet and allow the student to look at the Photocopy to make sure it is belong to them, match it to the pin number and then sign it as a booklet and full of papers in the presence of the members of the committee to make sure the validity of the monitoring of the grades or the absence of answers left without correction.
5-If there are monitoring errors, they are corrected by the Committee.